Agricultural findings

Yesterday I've read an article in our main business newspaper. Something about agriculture.

Not that I'm so much into that field, but I can't help myself but cite one of the presented tables:

There's a hole in the bucket

Road signs in rivers

Water sports is good for your health.

Music, festivals and celebrations

Brass instruments band in Vilnius old town streets

It is only recently that Lithuania started to be visited by really big stars of pop, rock and other music styles.

Cow race

Meironys (town near Ignalina) sign

Not exactly the race, but nevertheless a very interesting experience.

Walking back to nature

Back to nature

Ok, officially it is called "XXXIII Lithuanian pedestrian travellers marathon", though in reality it should be something like "Walk until you drop".


One man down!

Beer is a national drink, period!


These guys are the national birds of Lithuania. They are called storks (or white storks, to be more precise).

At home



Deep in the forest, the history lurks

I don't know where this picture was taken.

Autumn goodies

Boletus beauty

Yummy yummy!

Autumn is a nice time for some goodies from the forest. Even though it may look like sime kind of archaism, trust me - picking berries and mushrooms is actually one of the best possible ways to spend a free Saturday afternoon. Maybe Sunday too, if you get hooked enough.


Waiting for a next ferry

A seaport is usually an important backbone of country's economy. Look at the power that such a relatively small country as Portugal achieved through exploring, expanding and trading in some century. The same suits for big countries, for example England.


The unbearable lightness of being



The most popular sport in Lithuania is basketball. By far. Children play on the streets, teenagers play in basketball schools, adults play after work. And after basketball they usually have a few beers. I mean adults.

The evergoing battle

It's a summer, in the... countryside

The weather report insists on the weather going worse.

Erm... the photos

Oh yes.

The site is about photos, not words.

I nearly forgot :)

Here's the first picture, to your pleasure (click to magnify):


Monmartre of Vilnius
Užupis (Uzupis) district of Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania), as viewed from the city centre. Some consider it to be very cosy place for people of art. Some say it's just a big mess :)


Launch of the site

Dear visitor,

this site has just launched, and this is the first post. Now it has a basic functionality of a usual community based site, but a lot more (in a realistic time frame) is planned in future.

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